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FR FRLS & Fire Resistance Cable Indoor Cable Low Voltage Power Cable Medium High Voltage Power Cable Overhead Conductors Super Enamelled Copper Wire Telecomunication Cable Fan Section
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Company Profile
1 Name of the Company : BRB Cable Industries Ltd.
2 Board of Directors : Md. Mozibar Rahman - Chairman
    : Mrs. Selima Begum - Vice Chairman
    : Md. Parvez Rahman - Managing Director
    : Mrs. Tania Afroz - Director
3 Location of the Factory : BSCIC Industrial Estate,
      Kushtia-7002, Bangladesh.
Tel: 071-61933,73244, 61600
Fax: 00-88-071-73641
4 Registered Office : BSCIC Industrial Estate,
      Kushtia-7002, Bangladesh.
5 Nature of the Company :
Manufacturer of a complete range of XLPE & PVC Insulated LT & HT Cables,
FRLS Cables, House and Appliances Wiring Cables, Dry & Jelly filled Telecommunication Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Aluminium Overhead Conductors, Dual Coated Super Enamelled Copper Wire (Winding Wire), lamp ballast.
6 Certificate of Incorporation : 23rd October'1978