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Dear Patrons and Friends
It gives me immense pleasure to express the present status of BRB Cable Industries Ltd. and the associate companies to our patrons and customers.

BRB Cable Industries Ltd. was incorporated in 1978 as a Private Limited Company. Now it is a renowned name of Wires & Cables manufacturer in home & abroad. The company is manufacturing a complete range of XLPE & PVC Insulated LT & HT Cables, FRLS Cables, House and Appliances Wiring Cables, Dry & Jelly filled Telecommunication Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Aluminium Overhead Conductors, Dual Coated Super Enameled Copper Wire (Winding Wire), practically all cables required from the substation down to the lighting point. To meet the present demand we have added most modern and sophisticated machinery imported from France, Italy, Germany, Japan, India and Belgium.


Md. Mozibar Rahman Chairman


We believe in quality and reliability. The company has the license to use standard mark of BSTI (Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution). Our products are duly marked "BRB Cables-Bangladesh" which is the mark of quality. We have highly skilled manpower and technical personnel who are entrusted with quality control. We have a unique Testing Laboratory equipped with latest models of test equipment imported from U.K, USA, Japan, India & other European countries. This is an ample testimony of our efforts to uphold the quality, thus ensure entire customer satisfaction. Cable specifications are based on Bangladesh, British, German, American and IEC Standard.

Although we had ISO 9001:2008 Certification earlier, for betterment of our products, we later undertook ISO 9001:2008 Certification. We are committed to gradual improvement of our quality products through research & development and augment its customer service with faster turn around time. Recently BRB Cable Industries Ltd. has been ranked 33rd amongst world leading Wires & Cables manufacturing Companies. This Study incorporated 3,000 Wires & Cables manufacturers of 200 countries.

Lastly, we thank our clients and patrons for their continuous support to serve with our quality products, services and put a step in keeping this world safe.